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As lifelong successful entrepreneurs Carlos and Ricardo Salguero realized their passion is to Add
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Our mission is to ease the workload of small and medium sized business owners by branding
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Carlos Salguero

Carlos Salguero was born in Quito, Ecuador. As a kid, he spent a lot of his time playing sports and working for no pay in his parent’s businesses. Over time and without being ever formally taught he learned to be an entrepreneur.

His first real business was when he and his brother Ricardo pioneered a Mountain Biking Magazine in Ecuador in their teens which became the largest publication of its nature in South America at the time and was taken over their also entrepreneurial Mom when they headed to college.

After immigrating to the US as a student he followed the crowd to get a bachelor’s in Business and a Masters in Engineering which he admits today did not help him much at all to achieve his financial success.

After a short 5 year career at Hewlett Packard in Engineering where he quickly went from unpaid intern to Engineering Manager making 6 figures in his early 20s…He knew a job wasn’t the answer and, there was a lot more for him so he started looking…

After losing almost 6 figures in the stock market, Carlos found the internet in the early 2000s and eCommerce specifically and started selling from his studio apartment on eBay. This home-based business quickly grew and replaced his HP salary which moved him to quit his Engineering career in spite of many telling him he was bat shit crazy for doing so.

He doubled down in effort, learned, failed a ton and built and 8 figure eCommerce business that specialized in closeout electronics. With this experience and knowledge, he has built in the last 10 years a 7 figure logistics and distribution company, 8 figure nutrition brand and high 7 figure real estate investment company.

None of this has come easy, but Carlos knows that building a business is about working hard, giving more than you get, adding value to others and constantly working on bettering himself mentally but physically as well.

Recently Carlos has founded with his brother Ricardo his latest venture Marketer Brothers, to give value to all those entrepreneurs in their journey to success and to work closely with those serious ones that want to take their business to the next level.

Carlos is now more hungrier than ever to build a legacy for his wife and three beautiful children, passionate about fitness and nutrition and to live the rest of his life giving value to entrepreneurs, teach and learn from the best. He lives his life in gratitude knowing that we already have everything we need to be successful.

Ricardo Salguero

Ricardo Salguero was born in Quito, Ecuador. A lifelong entrepreneur, he started selling bites of his apple in Kindergarten to his classmates.

Following his passion, at 14 years old pioneered a Mountain Biking Magazine in Ecuador with his brother which became the largest cycling magazine in South America at the time.

School and following conventional rules were never his strong suit and he was “invited” not to come back to his K-12 school for his senior year. His father sent him to live with his brother and lifelong mentor Carlos in the US where he earned a Bachelor’s degree at age 20 in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Math and Graphic Design while working 7 jobs. Earning several internships and job offers in the tech field.

Learned the ways of the corporate world while quickly rising in the ranks in companies like Intel and Cisco Systems. He started his eCommerce journey selling tech goods on eBay easily sourced in Silicon Valley. Moved to Ecuador following the love of his life and wife of 17 years. A born daredevil nearly became a quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident that left him bed-bound for 10 months.

He moved back to the US where he and his wife started an eCommerce business with $400 which grew to an 8-figure tech business that nearly became a public entity with partners like Verizon, Synnex and other Fortune 500 companies. Ricardo has utilized his tech and sales skills to own succeed and fail on various ventures like electronics recycling, GPS tracking, Pet food, and cellular amplification.

An avid endurance and OCR athlete has completed several 60 hour+ endurance events which sparked a strong desire to give back and serve others. Ricardo volunteers at Operation Enduring Warrior whose mission is to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded military and law enforcement veterans. He is also a board member at 2 non-profits A Spring of Hope and the Give Team.

Today Ricardo has founded with his brother Carlos his latest venture Marketer Brothers which is his latest initiative to give back to all those entrepreneurs in a dual Language format (Spanish) in their journey to success and to work with those serious ones that want to take their business to the next level.

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