Benefits of Amazon Advertising – MarketerBros Denver CO

Benefits of Amazon Advertising – MarketerBros Denver CO

Many of us can agree, Amazon has changed the way we shop. Consumers can search for millions of products and have them at their doorstep in a couple of days, sometimes within hours. From stocking up on groceries to home appliances, Amazon has become the online “one-stop and shop.”

However, Amazon has become more than just an online marketplace. It’s where people go to research new brands and products.


What is Amazon?

Wikipedia defines Amazon as “an American multinational conglomerate technology company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.”

Amazon is also considered one of the Big Four technology companies, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Many will say that Amazon is “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world,” as well as the world’s most valuable brand.


Why Amazon?

It is safe to assume, Amazon has become unlike any other retailer we have seen. According to cnet.com, over 150 million people have paid Amazon Prime accounts, with hundreds of millions using free accounts.

Amazon even has created an international shopping holiday, Prime Day, which is so successful it continually shatters its own sale records. Advertising to bring brand awareness, and increase visibility and sales is critical for brands that sell on, or want to start selling on Amazon.

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Why Amazon Advertising? : Benefits of Amazon Advertising – MarketerBros Denver CO

Since so many millions of people are ordering from Amazon, they have been able to collect data from shoppers through their research and purchasing habits. Amazon has real power because it knows what people are buying and how they’re doing it!

Most consumers come to Amazon with the mindset they are ready to purchase. So, isn’t Amazon a great way to advertise your products? Yes! Not only for driving up sales, but also to increase brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

If you are already using Google, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise, breaking into Amazon advertising is something you should consider.

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Types of Amazon Advertising

There are three types of ad options through Amazon:

  •  Sponsored product ads- Promotes products across search results and product detail pages. A paid-per-click (POC) ad that promotes one product.
  • Headline search ads (Sponsored Brands) – Displayed in the search result pages as headline banner ads always above the result listing. This ad promotes your brand and up to three products.
  • Product display ads- Unlike the other two above, this ad highlights a product by targeting shopper interests or similar products.


Benefits of Amazon Advertising – MarketerBros Denver CO

What are the costs and benefits?

Amazon charges sellers a fee for clicks and not impressions that it generates.

  1. Top Ranking:  To appear at a higher rank on Amazon for your products, sponsored ads are the way to go. The higher level will help your product be more visible on the Amazon home page.
  2. Reach Buyers: As mentioned earlier, Amazon customers often come to the website to search for a product they need and are ready to buy.
  3.  Pay for clicks, not impression: This is a unique feature of Amazon sponsored ads. You only pay when a user clicks your ad.
  4. Global Reach:  A single ad campaign of your product will get a million global views within a few seconds.
  5.  Measure success: Amazon offers a reporting feature that helps sellers measure and optimize their advertising campaign.
  6. User Friendly: It allows your sponsored product link to be readily displayed on Amazon Apps, used on mobiles, smartphones, and tablets.

Including Amazon advertising in your marketing plan is an effective way to get products in front of the consumer and strengthen your businesses’ brand. It also puts you in the same space as your competitors.


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